Satlink Sea Tube

Technology for Effective Sustainable Fishing

Satlink SeaTube

SeaTube is an electric monitoring (EM) system to observe and record fishing activities in real time. These tools help commercial fisheries and regulators better to control the activities onboard.

Satlink Sea Tube

Electronic Observer

Satlink Sea Tube is a on board video recording solution that allows the vessel company to control and manage vessel activity.
Videos are recorded at 1280x720 @ 24FPS (HD quality) and minimum recording capacity of the system is 4 months.
Videos are stored locally on encrypted disk drives and mounted securely inside the Satlink SeaTube Rack. SeaTube gets the GPS position from an lnmarsat IDP equipment (approved for governmental VMS applications). This GPS information is used to geo-reference the videos and to store the vessel track for subsequent analysis.
The disk drives with the video footages can easily, and securely be retrieved from the vessel and subsequently be played and analyzed using the Satlink View Manager installation in the vessel owner's office or by a governmental observer program.
The system is based on 4 High Definition Cameras, but optionally, you can add up to 8 HD cameras.
The videos and frames are recorded locally with metadata and water mark to prove the validity of the information
As an option, you can order your system with higher capacity, up to 12 months

Satlink Sea Tube

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