About US

"Supporting the Japanese fishing industry with the top market share"

I.T. Plan Corp., a Japanese authorized distributor of satlink located in Span, sells satellite buoys, fisheries oceanography, and electronic monitoring systems.
Lately, we have started selling MARCO products, leading the world in fishing equipment and deck machinery.


Our Strength

"Providing a wide range of services from sales to maintenance"

We sell fishing and navigation products with type approval from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
Our office is located near Yaizu port, the largest catch of tuna in Japan and the biggest base of commercial fishing vessels.
Our creditable maintenance and follow-through service are building the immense trust of our customers.


Message from our Chairperson

We've established our company, I. T. Plan Corp. (ITP) with the objective of reinventing the Japanese fishing business. Since the beginning, numerous companies have journeyed with us to achieve this noble goal. We will exert our utmost effort to be true to our Management Philosophy: "ITP aims to provide an eco-friendly and efficient Japanese fishing technology to society."Your convenience and satisfaction are our pleasure.

Thank you very much for your patronage.

ChairpersonTakeshi Ishii

Our Management Philosophy

"ITP aims to provide an eco-friendly and efficient Japanese fishing technology to society"

Company Information

Company Name I.T.PLAN Corp. (ITP)
Director CEO Hiroshi Murakami
Established 1988/7/1

<Head Office>
 2-6-7 Saga Koto-ku, Tokyo 135- 0031 Japan
TEL:+81 3 5812 4381 / FAX:+81 3 5812 4382
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<Yaizu Office and Warehouse>
Geen Heights Yamamo 1A and 1B 25-1, Okatome, Yaizu City Shizuoka 425-0013, Japan
TEL:+81 54 625 8575 / FAX:+81 54 625 8576
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Capital 5 million yen
Employees 7 (as of November,2022)
Main Bank Resona Bank Nippori Branch
Activities Importer and distributor of products for the fishing industry

▶︎Basic Policy for Information Security

Head Office


Yaizu Office and Warehouse



Jul 1988
Established I.T.P
Jul 2004
Opened Misato office in Saitama
Jun 2006
Started selling satellite buoys domestically and abroad
Aug 2010
Received the satellite buoy type approval
Sep 2014
Closed Misato office and opened Kawaguchi office in Saitama
Oct 2015
Started preparing registration telecommunications business
May 2017
Opened Yaizu office in Sizuoka
Jul 2020
Relocated headquarters to Ueno in Tokyo
Jul 2020
Closed Kawaguchi office in Saitama
Mar 2021
Acquired the ISMS certification
Oct 2021
Became a subsidiary of Shimosen Co.,Ltd.
Nov 2022
Relocated headquarters to Saga Koto-ku in Tokyo